3 Ways To Prevent Rust On Your Vehicle During Winter

Rust can ruin the exterior & aesthetic of your car, truck, SUV or van. Avoiding rust requires that you perform routine maintenance on your vehicle, which can be especially frustrating to manage in the winter. The ever-falling snow and sleet can make it hard for vehicle owners & operators to keep their vehicles from the elements that often perpetuate rust. It’s important to be mindful this winter that the steps you take to prevent rust will improve its efficiency, lifespan, and its overall resale value. Here are three ways to avoid rust this winter.


All over your vehicle, you will find drains; these are put in place to ensure no rainwater or melted snow meets your vehicle’s engine and other uncovered metals. Unfortunately, from time to time, these drains may become clogged with leaves and dirt, which may cause water to backlog and bay. Look along the bottom of your vehicle doors & fender, as well as your vehicle floor, to find the drains and to begin the draining process. Removing this excess water will slow down the oxidization of your vehicle’s metal coating.


We understand the last thing you may want to do is stand out in the cold winter temperatures and wash your car’s exterior. While driving on the roadway, there is no possible way to keep dirt, mud and salt from depleting the effectiveness of your galvanized sheet metal. We recommend that all drivers periodically take their vehicle to a touch-free car wash (the ones often found at a gas station) as well as pay a little extra for the underbody wash to prevent rust from accumulating in places you can see and can’t reach.


When you envision your vehicle starting to rust, you may not think that there are interior solutions to prevent exterior rust; however, there are preventative measures that you can take to ensure your car remains in great condition. Stepping inside your vehicle with snow or ice on your shoes can result in these substances leaking through generic carpets, causing rust. Get ahead of the curve and invest in a high-quality rubber floor mat that will protect your vehicle’s floors from water, salt, and calcium chloride. A high-quality floor mat will also help you keep your car looking much nicer throughout the winter!

Rust is not only an eyesore but it’s also incredibly detrimental to the overall condition of your vehicle. While rust is typically found on older vehicles, improper maintenance will lead to rust accumulation on newer cars also. For more information on how to prevent rust from occurring on your vehicle’s outer body, contact Jim Wilson Chevrolet Buick GMC today!