4 Reasons to Bring Your Car in For A Mechanical Inspection

Whether your vehicle is pre-used or its brand new, bringing it into a mechanic for a routine inspection will ensure that it operates efficiently. Even if there are no glaring issues, preventative maintenance will allow mechanics to diagnose and correct any problems that could result in costly repairs.


As a rule of thumb, it’s wise to bring your vehicle in for inspection twice a year, and no less than once a year. The following article will discuss a few reasons why you should bring your car in for routine mechanical inspections.


Safety First


First, bringing your vehicle in for a mechanical inspection will ensure that all safety features are working properly. A routine inspection will allow vehicle technicians to check your brakes, windshield wiper mechanics, and tires’ condition. A routine inspection helps keep you, your family and the other drivers on the road safe.


Improved Efficiency


Bringing in your vehicle for a routine mechanical inspection is the only way you’ll improve its efficiency. Following an inspection, a vehicle technician will be able to offer you recommendations to improve your vehicle’s fuel economy and engine performance. For example, they will perform inspection and ensure components of your vehicle (i.e. air filter, brake fluid, underbelly parts) are in good condition.


Increased Resale Value


When the time comes for you to find a new or used vehicle, you will likely trade-in your existing for a substantial return. That is, however, if you’ve taken care of your vehicle while you owned it.


We’ve encountered many customers with vehicles to trade-in that appear to be in good condition until we take a more in-depth look. Issues with a vehicle’s frame, parts, and interior can drastically reduce a customer’s return on investment. Dealerships accept trade-ins to sell them to future customers; however, if the vehicle is damaged or parts need to be replaced, the dealership is not likely to offer a lot of money.


Reduce Ownership Expenses


As we all know, car parts are not cheap. When these parts malfunction, they can cost vehicle owners hundreds or thousands of dollars. That’s why we feel so strongly about preventative maintenance- protect your vehicle and your wallet by having a vehicle technician diagnose and correct any potential concerns before they become full-on problems.

At Jim Wilson Chevrolet Buick GMC, we want drivers in Orillia to practice safe driving practices, and that includes bringing their vehicle in for routine inspections. Not only will it keep everyone on the road safe, but it will also improve vehicle efficiency, increase the vehicle’s resale value, and drastically reduce ownership expenses. For more information, contact us today!