Winter is less than a month away, but it’s never too early to prepare for the frigid temperatures and inclement weather conditions. Much of the cold has already arrived and will most likely remain until the beginning of spring; it’s imperative to ensure your vehicle is ready for winter to guarantee its efficiency and overall safety. Although new vehicles (2015- present) are best prepared to endure the winter weather, it is still wise to winterize your vehicle for all the unexpected situations that can arise. The following article will discuss three things all vehicle owners should do, as soon as possible, to prepare for winter driving.


Winter in Canada tends to be ruthless, snowstorm after snowstorm, and the conditions are going to wear on your vehicle, particularly the battery. Below-freezing temperatures can impair the battery’s ability to produce power as the chemical properties within the battery may become dormant and inactive. Winter weather & temperatures can cause your vehicle to stall, so it is in your best interest to seek out assistance from an auto mechanic or vehicle dealership for a thorough diagnosis. They will perform a load test on your battery and will determine whether your car needs a new battery.


It’s not easy to drive in the winter, whether there is snow or ice on the road. With the sun setting an earlier time and the possibility of frost on your windows and windshield, your visibility could also be limited. All in all, you always need to have full control of your vehicle, especially in a scenario when you need to come to a quick stop. We recommend that all drivers in Orillia and surrounding areas invest in a set of snow tires. Implementing them now will prevent you from sliding or skidding on snowy/icy roads, and they will help you gain traction to reduce your chances of getting stuck.


Drivers across Canada know the angst of waking up early to drive their kids to school or head off to work only to see their windshield is covered in snow or frost. Although using an ice scraper to rid your vehicle of debris is your best course of action, many drivers utilize their windshield wipers to help them see clearly. Changing your windshield wipers is a great way to ensure they are in good condition to tackle the adverse conditions. Be sure to monitor your wiper fluid, and replace if low, as it also can be used to melt frost and snow.

Inspecting your vehicle’s battery, purchasing a set of snow tires, and replacing your wiper blades are great ideas before the brunt of winter arrives. For more information, contact Jim Wilson Chevrolet Buick GMC today!