Picking A Pre-Owned Car That’s Right For You

Not every driver is in the market for a new vehicle, and some flat-out don’t want a new vehicle as they prefer something that’s worn in. The lower prices are a major selling point for individuals looking for a new vehicle, but there is a multitude of reasons that there is a viable market for pre-used automobiles. It’s careful to exercise caution and attention when examining potential cars, vans or trucks to ensure that it meets all your needs and that there are no undiagnosed issues. Here are three things to help you while looking for new-to-you cars:


One of the first things you need to do when you find a prospective vehicle is to discover the general cost of the vehicle, taking into consideration the mileage and physical condition of the car, truck or van. Look online for the vehicle type, year and mileage and keep a record about what these vehicles are going for at other car lots, in classified ads, or online marketplaces. This information will give you an excellent opportunity to negotiate a fair price if there is a vehicle that catches your eyes.


This one goes without saying – you’ll need to check this vehicle from top to bottom to ensure it’s the one for you. Please look at its exterior, be sure to document any scratches, dent, or rust. Inspect it’s interior – does it smell like cigarettes or mildew? Burning oil or gasoline? There may be deep-seated issues that cannot be repaired for cheap. Finally, look at the engine – document any inconsistencies such as oil that is laying on top of the engine as this could be indicative of improper sealing. Any older looking hoses and belts are pricy to replace, so be sure to consider that.


You’ll only ever be sure about your confidence in a vehicle after you’ve taken it out for a considerable test drive. When you’re out on the road on your test drive, you should check to make sure that your power steering feels responsive & that the power windows and seats are working. Make sure you turn the radio on and listen to different stations – any buzzing or clicking coming from the stereo system could mean you’ll need to replace it shortly. Ensure that you check both the air conditioning and heating to see if they work efficiently. You’ll want to check the vehicle dashboard; any flashing lights can be problematic and should be checked out immediately. Furthermore, pay attention to how the vehicle operates, accelerates, handles and brakes.

Picking a used car is an investment that you want to make last; therefore, by following the tips mentioned above, you’ll be on your way in a functional vehicle. For more information, contact Jim Wilson Chevrolet Buick GMC today!